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download %20 & Salt'n'Pepa & L'Trimm - Gpruasbhiitt!!
Release Date : 2001.09.04
Gpruasbhiitt! - ReadMe

Gpruasbhiitt! is a combination of Salt N Pepa's "Push It" and L'Trimm's "Grab It". L'Trimm's "Grab It" was an 'Answer Record'; which was suppostedly a good way to gain attention in the rap/hiphop world back in the 80's. Salt N Pepa got their start by doing an answer record to Doug E Fresh, so why not enter the sound appropriation world with a current day answer record.

download %20 & Senator Orrin Hatch & Overpeer - Uniting Everyday Internet Heroes
Release Date : 2004.06.05
%20 & Senator Orrin Hatch & Overpeer
Title: Uniting Everyday Internet Heroes w/ Freedom's Glitch

Files Name: %20&SenOrrinHatch&Overpeer-UnitingEverydayInternetHeroes.mp3

As a part time music fan and full time corporate shilling whore, it is my duty to promote the progress of the glorious combination of the arts and sciences. In this venture, the focus is on the pioneers of internet music. Internet music today is defined by political & corporate concerns. No two artists alive define this better then Senator Orrin Hatch & Digital Media Protector, Overpeer. Senator Orrin Hatch's pluckey nature has lead to many joyous inspiration tunes and lectures on the way music should be. He's even proposing legislation (the PIRATE Act) to further his intellectual property concerns. (,1412,62830,00.html) Overpeer relatedly is the worlds leader in content protection. With an average of 25 billion downloads a month, no other musical performer has a farther reaching influence. %20 brings these two industry leaders together for some moments.

The result is a sound file (which contains the bonus "Freedom's Glitch") of genre blending lecture-ation on the potential of music's future.

These are your neighbors, the future's shining |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||.

Who is:
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Senator Orrin Hatch:
Senatorial representative from Utah, Orrin G. Hatch's career as a square peg has lead him to propose legislature like the PIRATE Act. But Sen. Hatch is also a musician. Collaborating with Janice Kapp Perry, the senator has written over 300 tunes of inspirational music. U2's Bono suggested the senator call his musical personna "Johnny Trap Door".

Senatorial Website:
Music Website:
Music Website:
Orrin Hatch Golf Tournament:

Content Industry Contribution 2004: $157,860

Overpeer is the number one downloaded artist ever. With an average of 25 billion downloads (150 million unique consumers) a month, no other artist will ever come close to the success Overpeer has gained though hard work and dedication to the art of patented interdiction and spoofing technologies. Their musical services entered a new level of successful self-promotion when they announced their Titanium 99% success package. Overpeer's CEO Marc Morgenstern has a wide variety of music industry experience, but the true rising star of Overpeer is Cheol-Woong Lee, who invented the patent which is the main engine for the Overpeer warp drive of musical output.
Titanium 99%:,+07:05+AM
Fan Website:

Industry Contribution 2004: $4 Million

Senator Orrin Hatch:
"Everyday Heroes"
"Freedom's Light"
"How His Glory Shines"
"Look For the Lord in the Mornin'"
"Heal Our Land"
"Many Different Roads"
"All Because of You"
"My God Is Love"
"The Cross Before the Crown"
"Alleluia! Alleluia!"
"America United"

Future of Music Conference - "Empowerment in the Digital Age"
Radio Free Cyberspace - "Episode #1"
Senator Music Hearing - "Radio EFF"
Unedited Keynote Address

Overpeer (RIAA-Mixes):
Jay-Z - "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"
50 cent - "P.I.M.P."
Aerosmith - "Sweet Emotion"
Alicia Keys - "You Don't Know My Name"
Britney Spears - "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
Sheryl Crow - "All I Wanna Do"
Dido - "White Flag"
Guns and Roses - "Paradise City"
No Doubt - "Hey Baby"
Outkast - "Hey Ya"
Aerosmith - "Dream On"
Guns and Roses - "Novermber Rain"
Guns and Roses - "Knocking On Heavens Door"
Nirvana - "Come As You Are"
R.Kelly - "Ignition"
Pearl Jam - "Jeremy"
Pearl Jam - "Daughter"
Pearl Jam - "Even Flow"
Patsy Cline - "Crazy"
Eric Clapton - "Cocaine"
Ashanti - "BabyBabyBaby"

download %20 & V/Vm & DJ Screw & Barry White - Just The Way You Are
Release Date : 2003.07.22
%20 & V/Vm & DJ Screw & Barry White - Just The  Way   You    Are
As heard on Kenny G's Radio Show
download %20 & the Evolution Control Committee & Others - I Still Don't Care
Release Date : 2003.09.07
%20 & the Evolution Control Committee - I Still Don't Care