Thee RIAA is my favorite band
Purpose : To promote my still favorite artist, the RIAA and their subversive mixes of corporately sponsored musics.
...and to get them voted to Artist of the Year in 2004.
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Have you heard the latest word?! The RIAA is releasing special limited edition, p2p only versions of many top selling entertainment classics. Personally I like these mixes much more then the original, the problem is finding them. See I get enough of the industries musics during my daily travels so I don't take the time out to search out these exclusive mixes on my own time. But gosh darn I love to listen to them. So with your help, I'm willing to collect these Super Spectacular mixes for everyone's enjoyment.
-Peter A Lopez, part time music fan.
Thee RIAA is my favorite band

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

NEWRIAA-Mix : Titanium 99% Edition!
Screw the RIAA-Mix, Overpeer has proudly announced the "Titanium 99% Edition" (Link) of it's patented one two punch of noise music deliciousness! Through it's applied and successful measures, Overpeer has effectively demonstrated 99% effectiveness of getting to their target audience...YOU! Their exclusive and crafty remixes of RIAA approved content are being spread and downloaded by the BILLIONS every month, again by YOU! Now why no one is submitting these mp3s to me is well kinda distrubing but that's irrelevant. It's time to party for the success of the best band in the universe, the RIAA.
more date and time info 5/26/2004 20:10:54 PM

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Overpeer Want You!
If your a Web developer with SQL Server connectivity experience. Now their times seems weird to me, Posted: May 20, 2004; Start Date: May 4, 2004. Has Overpeer figured out time travel! Stay Tuned.
more date and time info 5/26/2004 20:00:44 PM

Saturday, May 08, 2004

+More Hot Patent Action+
According to Wired News, the Spoofing Patent Pool just got another member. Please give them a grand welcome. Joining the ranks of Overpeer the US govt have granted University of Tulsa professor John Hale and doctoral student Gavin Manes a patent to create new works of Corpo-Culture. That means more great choons for use to listen too! So be on the look-out and submit some when found. thanks. Oh yeah check out the patents side by side HERE.
more date and time info 5/08/2004 22:34:15 PM

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Am I a PIRATE for downloading Senator Orrin Hatch's "Freedom"?
Ok as a part time music fan, i'm interested in learning about new music. So today I decided to check out this up and coming composer, Senator Orrin Hatch. From his website (spiffy domain name if i must say so myself) he offers several "Available Songs" which you can preview. LINK "Freedom's Light" was the right kind of uplifting title which makes me smile, so i downloaded it and attempted to play it in the appropriate program...

Well to my dismay, I learned that I just became a willful copyright infringer. That's right I broke the law. Here's how I know: See the .wma file when played in Windows Media Player respectfully to the copyright owner tells your designated web browser to open up the following webpage: Welcome to Windows Media Personal License Migration Service. As it plainly states:

" Any unauthorized use of the content may be a violation of the law, including U.S. and international copyright laws, and may subject you to civil and criminal prosecution."

So there you have it, i'm truely very sorry I didn't know an interest in sounds was going to land me in such a dire situation but here I am now wondering when the appropriate authority will find me on my route to work on public transportation and take me away. Now yes you can consider Orrin Hatch an entraptor by offering for free content which he knows is a violation to his copyright, but why point fingers and press buttons....

But WAIT... maybe this is a new scheme in music theories natural evolution! Sorry I neglected to tell you that when the file is played in a different application, the file is "played" but no sound comes out! That webpage mentions something about DRM, it must mean Digital Reality Manipulation. What's great about this "silence" is that while listening you get the opportunity to contemplate and that makes you manipulation your perception of reality. See when listening to Orrin Hatch's "Freedom" I realized that i'm a willful copyright infringer. When the impact of that statement finally made it thru my miniscule brain, well i'm still attempting to deal with it. Luckily Orrin Hatch has provided further answers to my dilemma.

See a few months ago, Senator Orrin Hatch took the initiative and proposed the PIRATE Act. Don't worry I too didn't fully understand the wording until I read this article, Congress Moves to Criminalize P2P. And the important part is as follows:

"The bill, obtained Thursday by Wired News, also would seek penalties of fines and prison time of up to 10 years for file sharing.

In addition, on Thursday, Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) introduced a bill that would allow the Justice Department to pursue civil cases against file sharers, again making it easier for law enforcement to punish people trading copyright music"

So there you have it. I was set up by Orrin Hatch. I downloaded his "freedom" preview and with his legislation, i'm off to have free room and board for a few years. So if updates to this blog don't happen, you all will know why. But this is all jibberish and really isn't what this blog is all about, the progress of corpo-music, and getting the RIAA designated band of the year.

And that's where iTunes comes in. See Senator Orrin Hatch's "Freedom" DRM is just the next progression of a key aspect of the prosperous nature of selling sounds. SILENCE SELLS See when I listened to Senator Orrin Hatch's "Freedom" all I might have heard was silence, but to the music industry they hear high profit margins. Ching Ching Bling Bling iTunes has been selling silence ever since it's inception. Crank it! iTunes sells sounds of silence--for real So in a way i'm confused, why would Orrin Hatch purposefully distribute silence which he could sell?

Now personally, for me this puts into question the whole value of music. Music used to be something which was valued because the creator created something which was valuable for the progression of the arts or sciences or because someone else valued that creation and decided to transfer funds to support the creator to make more. With the selling of silence this whole 'system' is destroyed. In a way, it makes music irrelevant.

I'm sorry for drifting in this blog, the reality that i'm a willful copyright infringer is taking it's toll, so i've sent an e-mail to the Orrin Hatch website to see what can be done. Here's that message:

Hello, I was looking to preview Mr. Hatch's music with the samples provided on your site, to determine if this material aligns with my moral upbringing. I downloaded the samples from:

Unfortunately my computer informs me that I am unable to preview the material your site provided because i am violating copyright laws. When playing "Freedom.wma" in Window Media Player the following webpage loads up:

Now putting aside that you are offering copyrighted material on your site. (shame shame pirate) It would seem that you burned the .wma's on your machine, but with Microsoft's software that only allows you to listen to the .wma's, not anyone else. If you want no one to listen to your music then don't make it available, at all, ever. But offering free samples which don't work, just wastes my time. That's not nice.

Please let me know of your actions taken in relation to this issue.
-part time music fan

Let's hope they are the forgiving type.
more date and time info 5/08/2004 14:18:56 PM

Thursday, May 06, 2004

OyO000z'r writes that according to Zeropaid, now you too can get paid for distributing Corpo-Culture. It seems that Retspan, a futurific looking venture, has proposed PeerFactor where they give you FREE, new corpo-culture remixes of current day popular pop media. And the more people you give that content too, the more you get paid. The website uses legal jargon like "trap" & "fakes" but this proposal is soo much more. As it says in the brief, these files are not illegal versions of content. That means they can be shared! A vast new frontier of content which pretends to be something else. This wonderful scheme will unfortunately move people away from copyrighted works, if you have to download the spoofing file then redownload it again from the official site, that's alot of wasted time. So my opinion is that more and more people will drift towards smaller artists who can't afford PeerFactor, but in conjunction with Overpeer mixes, I think it's safe to assume that no one will want to listen to anything ever again. The future is looking promising after all!
more date and time info 5/06/2004 05:28:15 PM

Sunday, April 25, 2004

RIAA-Mix & RIAA Exclusive Mixes Under Attack!!!!
Interpid reader 'Yr A Phookin' Morroon PAL' informs me that a shady organization called Palisade Systems is threatening to unleash software which will eliminate all RIAA-Mix & RIAA Exclusive Mixes from the p2p waters! I hope the RIAA doesn't stand for this. At the moment the only way to get RIAA-Mixes and RIAAEM is by downloading, (and blogs like the old RIAAEM and SC&CC's RIAA-Mix) if what this article (Software stops illegal song trading) says is correct those days could be over, some will say that everything will disappear, but that's not the point, we can't have RIAA-Mixes and RIAAEM disappearing that would be detrimental to the expansion of culture. Personally take everything down, remove everything from the net, but leave RIAA-Mixes and RIAAEM they are the life blood or a thriving cultural ecology.

Ooops, sorry I didn't inform you of what Palisade Systems does. You see Palisade Systems have created something called PacketHound, it sniffs internet packets for info which is copyrighted material. Are you making the connection? The RIAA-Mixes and RIAAEM are copyrighted material, (in the mind of some) if PacketHound is unleashed these forms of creativity will disappear. It's bad enough that Orphaned Books are not in the Public Domain, but is eliminating RIAA-Mixes and RIAAEM from the p2p waters a good idea?!!!! Where are we heading as a society? more date and time info 4/25/2004 10:02:55 PM

Sunday, April 25, 2004

We're Back! Alterna-ego, It ie %20 has provided us with RIAABootlegs! Here's how it explains them:


Track ->1<- RIAABootleg: RIAAEM+Eve VS RIAA-Mix+NoDoubt VS RIAA-Mix+Britney Spears
%20 VS Scary Sherman & Claire Chanel w/ RIAA+Overpeer
Corporate $hill Whoring Mega-Phucking Vol. 1 (Notoriety For Profitability)
3min. 31sec. - 3.2MB
RIAA Exclusive Mix - Eve "Party In The Rain" VS RIAA-Mix - No Doubt "Hey Baby" VS RIAA-Mix - Britney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time"

Track ->2<-
RIAABootleg: RIAAEM+trapt VS RIAA-Mix+Patsy Cline VS RIAA-Mix+Nirvana
%20 VS Scary Sherman & Claire Chanel w/ RIAA+Overpeer
Corporate $hill Whoring Mega-Phucking Vol. 1 (Notoriety For Profitability)
3min. 42sec. - 3.3MB
RIAA Exclusive Mix - trapt "still frame" VS RIAA-Mix - Patsy Cline "Crazy" VS RIAA-Mix - Nirvana "Come As You Are"

Track ->3<-
RIAABootleg: RIAAEM+Santana VS RIAA-Mix+Sheryl Crow VS RIAA-Mix+JayZ
%20 VS Scary Sherman & Claire Chanel w/ RIAA+Overpeer
Corporate $hill Whoring Mega-Phucking Vol. 1 (Notoriety For Profitability)
4min. 38sec. - 4.2MB
RIAA Exclusive Mix - Santana "Why Don't" VS RIAA-Mix - Sheryl Crow "All I Wanna Do" VS RIAA-Mix - JayZ "Brush Your Shoulders Off"

Some History:

Sometime shortly after the birth of napster (1999?), someone realized that people could be fooled into downloading something they we're expecting. P2p spoofing was born, and shortly there after it was realized that this form of sharing could be exploited to test market new music systems.

The Music Industry has been attempting to figure out ways to make more profits. Two marketing plans say, A. making music simpler and easier to produce will increase profits and another side B. says expand the appreciation of the general public to accept more variety which would give the industry a wider range of sounds to exploit to increase revenue streams.

The RIAA decided to spoof test marketing plan A. first. The idea was to boil down new music to it's essential essense. Pop Music has been following this format for years. Slowly over the last 50 years or so, the average top 40 pop tune has shrunk from 5+ minutes to the current standard 3min. 23sec. The RIAA's first spoofing exploration was to boil down currently popular pop tunes to a bare essense of 20-30 seconds and repeat that portion of the song over and over until it was the same length as the original song. These we're then spoofed out into napster and other p2p waters and the audience hasn't seemed to noticed, for these files are still being traded today.

A complete loooooser attempted to document these RIAA Exclusive Mixes (RIAAEM) in an early 2003 blog:

It seems that this method of top 40 pop shrinking seems to be very successful and is currently employed in the ever popular cell phone ring market which generates 2-3 billions dollars a year. The teenie bopper market will pay 2-3 dollars per 20-30 second ring tone. iTunes might be a bargan at 1 dollar, but who wants to listen to the whole song, that's so 20th century.

With the RIAAEM success the RIAA, my favorite band, moved onto conquer the second marketing plan, to expand the general public to a wider variety of output. In late 2001ish the RIAA learned of a patent filed by Overpeer. This patent gave Overpeer the ability to take any p2p downloaded mp3, apply a series of transformations and redistribute that mp3 back into the p2p waters. This was an unprecidented corporate creative endeavour, one done not out of profit driven greed but to educate the public of unimaginable extremes, new vantage points, different existance of being, which some people call noise. At first the general public was hesitant to talk about these mixes, many found them abrasive.

But a duo, Scary Sherman & Claire Channel, felt that this fair corporate creative reuse needed a wider audience. And thus was born the RIAA-Mix. They have even taken the initiative to release a cd of these global-corporate-music-giant gifts to the public.

After witnessing the public demand for bootlegs, as seen in the UK, where even MTV has a video program, and here in the US with the success of Grey Tuesday and the Danger Mouse Grey Album, it felt like a perfect fit to blend/meld the gifts the RIAA has bestowed on us the public. Thus was born the RIAABootleg. The merging of not only A+B musial components, but also dream marketing schemes. So Corporate Shill %20 teamed up the superstars from each marketing scheme to create greatness, the RIAABootleg.

Please listen and hoard them for yourselves, this is knowledge we don't want to share.

%20 -part time music fan "The RIAA Makes My Kinda Music"

You know reading this now, i'm actually kinda appauled. How does this kind of blantant copyright infringement, this ain't Fair Use, help the RIAA, my favorite band. This is just a low down dirty way to defame my favorite band. But i've got a mental preoccupation with saving cultures output so i will not be removing these from this blog even though I do not endorse this kind of destructive and down right offensive missuse of my favorite band, the RIAA's materials. It's theirs to own and control, but i'll grant this %20 individual the right to reuse in this case. I hope it doesn't push everyone too far, this kinda thing could get out of hand, it's a slippery slope and someone's greased up for something naughty. Sorry to get all judgemental but well, sorry. Hopefully some good news will come up in the next unscheduled post.
more date and time info 4/25/2005 08:42:50 PM

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